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Land of a Thousand Princesses / IcePrincessMikkia.jpg
Dee Dreslough and Ellie Dreslough
7 /6/2005
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Oy. Ellie my Princess-Drawin' Muse was working overtime to get her Ice Princess Mikkia done. I'm going to have to limit Ellie to one princess a day, or I'll never get anything done. I mentioned, "Hey, let's do a series. Howbout an ice queen next?" and the pestering began yesterday immediately after finishing the Fire Queen. Ellie has amazing focus when it's something she wants. Through time outs and one screaming argument, I managed to hold her off all the way until bedtime....but the first thing out of her wee maw this morning? "Draw me the ice queen! Draw me the ice queen!". Sheesh. So, I drew her first thing today, right after coffee, egg gathering and pet feeding. *grumble* She came out great, though. So, thanks to Ellie for yet another Princess on the princess pile. :)

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