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Land of a Thousand Princesses / FireQueenEmber.jpg
Dee Dreslough and Ellie Dreslough
7 /5/2005
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Don't mess with Fire, baby! Ellie's all into the show Avatar (as am I now...) and we're coming up with some elemental type queens and princesses. I'm noticing a pattern: If the lady looks like she's confident or active, Ellie tends to say, "Maybe she's a Queen!" and if she's overdressed with the Imelda Marcos shoe problem, looking passive and/or stoned, she's a princess. Ellie is probably a queen... She's become my muse. She won't let me alone until I finish her princess to color. Thus, so many princesses.. I have two more out in the car from a restaurant trip I have to scan and clean up. I helped with the name on this one. Ellie wanted to name her 'Chica'. I just don't see this lady being anyone's Chica. :)

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