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Land of a Thousand Princesses /FlowerPrincess.jpg
Dee Dreslough for Ellie Dreslough
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Ellie gets into Fashion Design quite a bit. This is yet another Ellie original. She wanted fire around the neck of the dress, and a long skirt. The slit and underskirt were my doing. Needed visual interest. Plus, I went through the hassle of drawing both legs to try to get things barely anatomically correct, so I wanted some 'gam' showin at least. ;) Hair design is also Ellie's and she specified boots..but I got to play with the boot design a bit. Ignore that left hand...sausages emerging from lumpen palm. I rolled a 2 on my 20 sided drawing die when I went to draw that hand.

All art and text (c) 1996-2008 Dee Dreslough unless otherwise noted.
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