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Princess Mania! Land of a 1000 princesses...Oh, the joys of having a 8 year old daughter. :) (wow..she's now 11...I need to update this site. ;) )

Color Galleries full of digital art you can use for commercial or non-commercial websites free of charge.
Black and White Galleries with more art that you can color or use for stationery, name it.
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Okay, so I haven't been maintaining my site at all. Right now, you can peer into interior folders and see:

Ashford School Budget Stuff

My friend's horse farm (FentonBrookFarm)

and not much else


Here is my LiveJournal Doodle Gallery


I do have a LiveJournal: Dee's Live Journal.
I post art as public posts sometimes, but honestly, my production level is very low. I'm so busy with family, work and new projects (see above) that my art is basically mostly for the game. But, I'll post what I can when I can. :)

Newest Works (August 2008)

Yellow Dimar Acrylic Penguin Mermaid

Random Assortment of Art
A huge messy jumble. Good luck in'll need it!
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