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Hi Everyone!

March 26th 2014 - NEW NEW documents - four! RE: BOE budget thingie!

Superintendent's Budget Analysis FYE 12,13,14,15.pdf
FY14-15 Proposed Budget by Object V.12 for BOF, Original v. Actuals.pdf
FY15-15 Proposed Budget by Detail V12 for BOF, Original v. Actuals.pdf
14-15 BOE Budget Narrative v-15e.pdf

New Documents from the March 20th 2014 Board of Finance meeting about the Board of Education budget, AND documents from the March 20th 2014 Board of Ed meeting at the school.

Audited and actual figures versus the proposal from Dr. Longo from March 6th. <- this took Catherine Silversmith (?) 12 hours to make and is the creation of hte Board of Finance in an effort to understand why teh cuts had to happen. It may reveal some shiftable funds to restore the paras or a position...

Proposed specials schedule for next year from Principal Hopkins.

Of Interest: Teacher Contracts so we can understand the expenses there too.

Dee here. These are scans of the document I received at the board of education special meeting tonight at 7:30 on 3/6/2014.

Proposed Ashford School Budget Presentation (PDFS)

Zip file with each page of the proposal separated into a PDF file per page

Actual Audited Numbers from that meeting (PDF)

We can all use these documents to see if we can come up with places to save money in order to keep and increase services we need.

I've created a new Facebook group: Ashford School CT Fans: where we can also share documents and discuss all this stuff.

We now have a Google Group and a classic Email List - email to join!

Eventually I'll get a domain for Ashford stuff...but for now, I guess will have to do. Too bad my name's so hard to spell! :)

- Dee (